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After over a century of making products for weavers, Leclerc Looms have produced a wide variety of products. This constantly growing collection of documention provides information on the assembly and modification of the Weaving Looms and Accessories produced by the company over the years.
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Race Wire Loom Kit, Non EFI. Race Wire Loom kit; Includes front and rear replacement looms, optional light switch, and MX style kill switch; Removes the meter, rear brake light, and large left hand switch assembly! Standard Model fits 2010-2015 RR/RS 2 & 4 stroke except 2015 350EFI; Also fits 2016 RR 2-Stroke Race Edition, but NOT 2017 RR Race ...
Shipped as a complete kit with easy assembly instructions. Bench Specifications: Seat width: 9"; Seat length: 32"; Adjustable height: 19" to 25"; Weight: 23 lbs. The small bench is recommended for use on our 22/4, 22/8, 36/4, and 36/8 looms. The large bench is recommended for our Model 50/8 looms. The 4x4 set The perfect combination of strength and flexibility for vehicles. No 20 is the heavy duty tool, perfect for towing or heavy dragging, its ability to stretch minimizes...
* Tensioned frame looms: These are looms that could be larger than the untensioned frame looms that have a tensioning device. Examples are the Mirrix and the Glimakra Freja loom. * Beamed looms: These are looms that have two beams to hold the warp and the woven cloth.For older models: If your Rigid Heddle Loom does not have holes in the sides, mark the holes as shown and drill them with a 6mm (¼") bit. ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE ASHFORD RIGID HEDDLE LOOM STAND Tools Required More Information The Wheel Magazine Ashford's annual fibrecraft magazine. Spinning, weaving, felting, dyeing and knittingThe warping instructions for the Susanna are done using a warping board to measure your warp away from the loom, moving the warp then from the warping board and then putting it on the loom. This is known as indirect warping and is a traditional warping method.
Ideal for new weavers of any age, Schacht Cricket Looms are compact and capable. The portable looms are easy to take along and perfect for the classroom. Each loom includes an 8-dent reed, two balls of yarn, and more. Assembly is required. Choose a 10" or 15" weaving width. Made in the USA.
Aug 13, 2019 - Woven mandala Shamans Eye supplied with color background & metal hang packed in carton box Materials: Acrylic yarns, bamboo sticks Mandala sizes: Length: 11 inch (28 cm) Width: 11 inch (28 cm) Background sizes: Length: 13 inch (32 cm) Width: 13 inch (32 cm) *Note: It is possible to custom-make Today I start fitting it to my Glimakra Standard. The first job was to remove everything to do with the jacks, shafts, lamms and treadles on the Glimakra. A bit of a pity as it took me an age and a lot of effort to put it all together in the first place. The end result of all this work was a table covered in sticks and string and an empty loom.
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